Quality Policy

The highest value of the company is the long-term service to customer and his satisfaction, while friendly approach to the environment and its protection. Its achievement is based on the setting of objectives of quality policy and environmental protection.

The company Chropyňská strojírna a.s. has established the Quality Management System according to norm ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management according to norm ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004.

The top management ensures that the system is properly maintained and constantly improved. Any organization, management and operation of the company are with the Quality Management System and Environment fully connected, whereas the main emphasis is placed on the ensuring of high quality of the supplied products, solutions and services, human resources management and prevention of the environment. At the same time the top management is obligated to keep this system in constant compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which is the organization obligated and which relate to its environmental aspects.

The company management of Chropyňská strojírna a.s. is obligated to keep the following principles for the maintenance and continual improvement of the quality and environmental system:

  • All processes within the company are fully in line with the current legislation and related regulations
  • Set up the processes within the company so as to minimize the negative impacts of its operations on the environment and output of production will be the quality product
  • Perform the careful selection of suppliers of materials and services, in order to still ensure the quality and the compliance of output products with legal requirements
  • Adapt the processes within the company to the current customer requirements
  • Continually increase and advance the education and professionalism of their personnel
  • Minimize the number of disputes and claims from the customer
  • The potential non-compliance prevent with the imposing of preventive measures


Top management of Chropyňská strojírna, a.s. is obligated to building of necessary human, financial and material resources for the observance of the principles accepted by the integrated quality policy and the environment.