The production of moulds dates back to the inception of our company. Based on final product specifications, we project, design, manufacture and test injection moulds for especially larger plastic products. We supply both the moulds for large scale production as for smaller series – RIM technology. Maximum weight of mould is 16 tons.






Reference projects

Magna (exterior and interior parts for the project - SK461)
Atek (interior parts Daimler X218)
Fatra (consumer industry, Bagis, Gles, Jeff IKEA)
Visteon Autopal Nový Jičín (housing of headlight - PSA)
Promens a.s. (Zetor Proxima II hood, A5 spoilers, Volvo sidewalls)
Gumárny Zubří a.s. (for small electronic components industry – AEG)
5M s.r.o. (profiles of cover panels – Iveco-Karosa, window profiles)
Semadeni s.r.o. (small parts of consumer industry)