Lifelong learning

An integral part of Chropyňská strojírna’s company strategy, is the development of lifelong education of all employees in the pre-production and production sphere. Activities in education focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Maximal use the educational and operating programs of the European Social Fund for the implementation of lifelong learning strategy of employees.
  • Within annual financial plans regularly allocate the financial means for implementation of set company and external educational programs.  
  • Assert the motivational tools for employee’s participation on increasing of professional and personal knowledge’s.
  • Create in each workplace for employees the real conditions for the availability of their participation in the lifelong education.  
  • Support the cooperation with vocational schools and universities, especially in region.
  • Systematically assure the forecasting of skill needs in relation to the development of Joint Stock Company; the personnel policy and employees education adapt to labor market.
  • Create the conditions for the education of candidates for employment, especially in retraining, in cooperation with the vocational schools and enterprises.

Chropyňská strojírna started the project of education of their employees in the worth of more than 5 million crowns.

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was Chropyňská strojírna, a.s. approved the project "From the high professionalism of individuals to the high competitiveness of the company" with the grant of 5 380 276, - CZK. Chropyňská strojírna follows the increasing of professional and personal skills of almost the employees with the focus of content of educational project. Its implementation contributes to increasing of efficiency of all main production and pre-productions processes with the subsequent effect of increased competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. Already now Chropyňská strojírna belongs to the key suppliers of production lines in automotive industry.

Individual education programs are specifically aimed at particular groups of workers, but also at professional courses of individuals. The courses are divided into the 6 basic groups:

  • Development of foreign languages knowledge’s (German, English, French)
  • Development of manager and psychosocial competences
  • Development of professional competences in production
  • Optimization and increase of process efficiency
  • Professional courses ITC, Microstation, Catia V5
  • Training on the workplace in job standardization, programming, CNC operating, sphere of pneumatic and electro – pneumatic.


The project is in Chropyňská stojírna implemented under the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment. It’s financed with 85% from the European Union, European Social Found and with 15% from the state budget of the Czech Republic.


Chropyňská strojírna aims to achieve the fulfillment of their vision with the project implementation:

"In their field of the machinery enterprises of the middle capacities to be the most reliable and top quality supplier in the countries of European Union."